• How do I submit my child to your agency?
You must send us a photo and resume.  If your child is new to the business and does not have a resume then please include a brief description about your child including date of birth, height, weight, interests, skills, etc.  You may send us a hardcopy submission through the mail or email your submission.  Emailed submissions must have the photo and resume information copied and pasted into the body of the email.  We DO NOT open email attachments.  Please mail your hardcopy submissions to:

Hollander Talent Group, Inc.
14011 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 202
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423

Emailed submissions should be directed to:

• Do you charge a fee for representation?
No.  Hollander Talent Group is a SAG and AFTRA franchised talent agency.  We earn 10% of the gross for whatever your child earns on union work.  In other words, we do not earn money until your child books a job.  There are, however, costs associated with participating in the entertainment industry that have nothing to do with HTG.  You must be prepared to invest in professional photos, headshot reproductions, class and workshop fees, gasoline costs running to and from auditions, and so on.

• What areas of representation are covered by Hollander Talent Group?
HTG is a full service agency specializing in the exclusive representation of young performers.  We handle commercial, theatrical, voice-over, and print representation for all ages from infants through late teens.  Because we exclusively handle young people, we do not accept split representation.  All of our clients are represented across the board.

Do you represent talent that are out of state?
Yes, we do handle out of state talent; however, you must be willing and able to spend an extended amount of time in the Los Angeles area.  We cannot represent out of state talent who are not here for a period of two to three months at a time.  You must be able to spend at least that much time here for auditions, callbacks and bookings.  When you are back at home again we must suspend the submission process until you are able to return.  Please be aware of the industry’s slowest times of year as these are not the best times to plan your stay.  Typically, this business slows down from mid May through mid July.  It also slows between mid November through the first of the year, after the New Year holiday.

What is the difference between an agent and a manager, and which are you?
Hollander Talent Group is a SAG and AFTRA franchised agency.  We are not managers, although we do work with many managers.  It is important for you to understand the difference.

“In California, talent agents are licensed by the state to solicit employment and negotiate wages and working conditions for performers.  Managers may counsel, advise and provide general career direction to performers, as well as assist agents in their quest to secure employment for their clients. A manager is not permitted, by law, to seek out employment opportunities for a client, unless they are doing so at the direction of a licensed agent. A client, agent, and manager should function as a team if they are to be effective. Except as discussed above, managers must obtain a state talent agency license if they intend to solicit, procure, or negotiate terms and conditions of employment on behalf of a performer. Managers generally charge between ten percent (on the low end) and fifteen percent (on the high end) for their services, although their fees are not regulated by the state.” (SAG Young Performers Handbook, p.10).

What else is required for my child to work in the entertainment industry?
All minors are required to obtain an entertainment industry work permit.  For information about work permit offices, permit requirements and applications, please visit the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement website:

You will also need to secure a blocked trust account called a “Coogan Account”.  The law mandates that 15% of the gross income earned by any child working in the entertainment industry must be deposited into this account.  HTG can recommend banks that are very familiar with these accounts for new clients.

• What other information or resources are available to me as a parent?
The Screen Actors Guild offers a wonderful resource to parents called The Young Performers Handbook.  This handbook details information about work permits, Coogan accounts, the audition process, the roles of agents and managers, Taft Hartley, work rules and regulations, education on set, and responsibilities of parents.  You may download this handbook directly from SAG at:

Detailed information about working in the entertainment industry including rules and regulations, labor laws, guidelines, education, and other valuable tips and tools can be found on the website for Children in Film:

• I have heard about Hollander Talent Group Super Saturdays.  What are these and how do I participate?
Hollander Talent Group Super Saturdays are an opportunity for our agents to audition new talent with a short cold read, and to ask a few questions to get to know your child.  We bring the children in one at a time without the parents, the same way any casting is run for a commercial, TV, or film audition.  While we do not see parents individually on that day, we do invite parents to stay for a question and answer session at the end of our interviewing process.  Super Saturdays are held several times a year and are conducted by invitation and appointment only.  To participate in Super Saturday you must follow the submission process and our agents will contact you with an appointment, if interested.

• How often can I expect my child to get auditions?
The number and frequency of auditions is impossible to predict.  We have no way of knowing when your child will get auditions or how often.  You may have two or three auditions in one week or you may not hear from us for several weeks.  Remember, Hollander Talent Group does not earn commission until your child books a job.  So, keep in mind that even when you have not heard from our agents in some time, we are still working tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf.

• What kind of contracts can we expect when we join Hollander Talent Group?
We are a SAG and AFTRA franchised talent agency.  As such, we sign standard contracts provided to us by the guilds.  Your first contract will be a SAG Oral Agreement, followed by a one year commercial and theatrical contract.  Subsequent renewals may be signed for periods up to three years.  Our agents will review contracts with you after an offer for representation has been made.